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Purchase terms and conditions

1 General

1.1 These “Terms and Conditions” of shopping is the legal form of agreement between e-shop and the buyer which describes rights and responsibilities of e shop and buyer. Please read these terms of sale carefully. You will be asked to expressly agree to these terms of sale before you place an order for products from our website.

1.2 These Online Shopping Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. The registered buyer will be informed about changes when login to the e-shop.

1.3 To buy in our e-shop have a right:

1.3.1 Persons of full age (18 years old)

1.3.2 teenagers from 14 to years only with authorization of parents (except those who has self-disposal incomes)

1.3.3 Legal persons (juridical)

1.3.4 Authorized representatives of the above mentioned persons.

1.4 The buyer confirming Terms and conditions commits to follow the rules and has a right to purchase goods from e-shop.

2. Privacy policy

2.1 To order the goods from e-shop is possible in the following ways:

2.1.1 Registering as a member in e-shop (registered members have to login)

2.1.2 Without registration

2.2 The buyer has to specify the required information: name, surname, delivery address, contact number and e-mail.

2.3 Confirming Terms and conditions, the buyer confirms that e-shop is able to collect buyer’s personal information.

2.4 Confirming Terms and conditions, the buyer also confirms that e-shop is able to use your personal information and send notifications to your e-mail or contact number, so that e-shop could fulfill your order and deliver your goods to you.

3. Purchase and Sale Agreement

3.1 The Purchase and Sale Agreement is completed, when the buyer forms his shopping cart and clicks the link “confirm” and e-shop confirms the order by sending a confirmation letter to the buyer’s e-mail.

3.2 E-shop has a right to cancel the order if the buyer doesn’t make a payment in 24 hours after e-shop confirms the order.

3.3. Each of the Purchase and Sale Agreement is registered and saved in e-shop database.

4. Buyer’r rights

4.1 The buyer has a right to purchase goods from e-shop according to the Terms and Conditions of a e-shop.

4.2 The buyer has a right to have a look at his personal data and require to correct wrong, incomplete personal data by e-mailing e-shop or contacting by phone. E-shop corrects buyer’s personal data in 2 working days.

4.3 The buyer has a right to cancel the Purchase and Sale Agreement by e-mailing e-shop and specifying the item which has to be returned and order’s number in 14 working days after the item was delivered.

4.4 The privilege to use rights described in paragraph 4.3 has only the buyer who is a consumer (according to LR Consumer Rights Protection Law (Žin., 1994, Nr. 94-1833; 2007, Nr. 12-488)) i.e.an individual person who makes a decision whether or not to purchase and uses products or services for personal use and not for manufacture or resale.

4.5 The refusal of Purchase and Sale Agreement according to the paragraph 4.3 is described in LR Civil Code and Minister’s of Economy order No. 258 (Žin., 2001, Nr. 73-2583; 2011, Nr. 161-7654).

4.6 The buyer has a right to cancel Purchase and Sale Agreement only if the goods are not damaged.

5. Buyer’s responsibilities

5.1 The buyer must pay for the goods and accept the goods in accordance with these rules.

5.2 Registered member must protect his login to e-shop and not to give his login information to third parties. If the buyer loses his login information, he must inform e-shop immediately.

5.3 Registered member must update his registration form if his personal data has changed.

5.4 After submitting a written notification about Purchase and Sale Agreement’s cancelation, the buyer must return the goods in 14 days.

5.5 By using e-shop, the buyer commits to follow these Terms and Conditions and do not violate LR laws.

6. E-shop’s rights

6.1 E-shop has a right to set a minimum order value. You can see your order value when you enter your shopping cart.

6.2 If the buyer is trying to harm to e-shop’s stability or breaks his commitments, E-shop has a right to limit or cancel a chance to use e-shop (block login from certain IP addresses).

6.3 Under serious circumstances, E-shop can limit it’s actions temporarily or to discontinue e-shop’s work.

6.4 E-shop has a right to cancel the buyer’s order, if the buyer doesn’t make a payment in 24 hours after e-shop confirms the order.

7. E-shop’s commitments

7.1 Considering e-shop’s Terms and Conditions, e-shop commits to allow the buyer to use our services.

7.2 E-shop commits to respect Buyer’s right to privacy of personal data.

7.3 According to Terms and Conditions, e-shop commits to deliver the goods to the buyer.

7.4 If e-shop can’t deliver the goods that the buyer ordered, e-shop commits to offer analogical or as similar as possible goods. If the buyer refuses to accept analogical/similar goods, the buyer commits to return the payment in 10 working days.

8. Return and replacement of goods.

8.1. Disadvantages of the goods sold are being disposed of, goods of a non-conforming nature are replaced and returned in accordance with the Minister of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania in 2001. June 29 Order No 217 "Regarding the Approval of Rules for the Repayment and Amendment of Items" approved by the Rules for the Repayment and Amendment of Items, unless the contract can not be waived in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania (for example, when the contract is concluded for the sale of hygienic goods - bedding articles), see the information provided by the Consumer Center "On page http://www.vartotojucentras.lt/istatymas.php?id=1038," Peculiarities of the return and exchange of non-food goods ", p. 18). Money for returned goods in all cases is transferred only to the payer's bank account.

8.2. In order to return the item (s) in accordance with Clause 8.1 of the Rules. The Buyer can do this within 14 (fourteen) business days from the day the goods are delivered to the Buyer, informing the Seller of the means of communication specified in the contact section, indicating the name of the returned goods, the order number and the reasons for the return.

8.3. Returning the received product and / or defective product, the Seller undertakes to withdraw such goods and replace them with similar eligible goods.

8.4. In the event that the Seller does not have suitable goods for the replacement, the Buyer will be refunded the amount paid.

9. Payment terms and conditions

9.1. Payment using paysera.lt

When confirming the order, you can choose paysera.lt payment system. You will be linked to paysera.lt. The system allows you to pay:

·         Using Internet banking. 9.2. Payment using Paypal.


10.1 When placing an order, the buyer can choose delivery or picking up an order at our office.

10.2 Delivery:

10.2.1 The buyer commits to specify the delivery address.

10.2.2 The buyer commits to accept the goods himself. If the buyer can’t accept the goods himself but the goods were delivered to the specified address, the buyer has no right to make claims about delivery to inappropriate subject.

10.2.3 The goods are delivered by e-shop or it’s authorized representatives.

10.2.4 Transportation is paid.

10.2.5 The goods are delivered in Lithuania and EU.

10.3 E-shop submits the order according to the terms mentioned in description of goods. These terms are preliminary and can change if stock of goods is insufficient. The buyer is informed about shortage of goods and other unexpected circumstances. E-shop contacts the buyer for agreeing about different terms.

10.4 E-shop is relieved from responsibility about violation of terms if the order is submitted late because of buyer’s fault.