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The brilliantly compelling paintings by Samah captivate viewers with her unique artistic vision as she seeks to unmask the deep inner core of the human heart. Blending the fantastical with the real, this contemporary Master creates magical figurative and abstract mixed-media artwork of charcoal and acrylic that articulates the essence of emotion and celebrates the human spirit. Channeling this fascination with the figure into dream-like human forms, Samah fuses the fantastical with the real and creates a sence of intrigue and fantasy which transcends the distractions of everyday life.

Samah's diverse oeuvre ranges from inspired abstract compositions to expressionist portraits, reflecting the diversity of life. Working in charcoal as well as acrylic, she is not limited to onl one medium and style. In her non-representational series, Samah skillfully applies her keen eye for shape and color combinations with the intent to allow the viewer to interpret her art independently of outside influences and to focus entirely on the elements of the painting.

My work is colorful as well as dark, shifting from feeling to feeling. I find my inspiration in m daily life where I pay attention to every single detail around me. Everything from cigarettes, shoes, hats, feelings, sadness in people's eyes, a gesture to a face", says Samah of her inspirations. Evocative, emotional and imbued with great visual energy, her figurative portraits combine expressionism as she exposes the complexity of her subjects allowing viewers to feel the tension hiding behind  the subjects, features. Bursting  with visceral energy, no interpretation is right or wrong because the meaning is within the individual experience. Thus, the fundamental strenght of Samah's oeuvre is the ability for the viewer to connect intimately, both intellectually and emotionally, with her dazzling work.

A native of Lebanon living in Sweden, Samah has exhibited nationally and internationally and her paintings have been treasured in both private and corporate collections. Cultivating a strong reputation in the international world, the award-winning artist Samah has participated in a lifetime of immersion in the arts, culminating in a wonderful body of work and a career which has catapulted her into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. She has enjoyed numerous  successful exhibitions throughout Europe and the U.S. and the presence of her works in prestigious collections across the world affirms her continually expanding celebrated reputation.

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